October 18: Let’s keep Limerick’s cultural momentum going!

Liam OBrien of Bottom Dog Theatre - pictured here performing in Limerick's Dream Will Do at UCH - makes a constructive suggestion on how to ensure a positive legacy for Limericks City of Culture year. Picture: Alan Place.
A lot of people are talking about how we continue the legacy of such a brilliant year for culture in Limerick.

A lot of people are talking about how we continue the legacy of such a brilliant year for culture in Limerick.

Obviously the investment of €6 million was a game-changer and one that no one can really expect to happen again very soon without philanthropy of a scale the city has not seen.

However beyond the financial aspect there has been much more revealed. There has been an opening of eyes – to small plays and giant grannies and everything in between.

Constant festivals have allowed us to interact with our city in new ways. There has been a widening and deepening of our city’s audiences for every kind of artistic endeavour. These are all tangible results that can be capitalised on.

So as we approach 2015 we are faced with huge opportunities and challenges to continue the legacy of what has been the best year we’ve ever had in our hometown.

So I have an idea: 109 projects were funded in the Made in Limerick strand of programming – a huge investment in both new and established talent in all facets of culture across the city. I think we should kick 2015 off with a bang and am suggesting that every one of those projects who received support, take it on ourselves to do something for the month of January.

Ideally find 31 groups / individuals to put something on for each day of January. A reading. An exhibition. A free class. A workshop. Something that the culture hungry citizens of Limerick can engage with. And ideally for free to participants and audiences. I for one want to say thank you for the investment, for the belief in what we do and the value you attributed to it.

I think all of us from ‘Made in Limerick’ 2014, should launch ‘Stayed in Limerick’ 2015. One month of free cultural events to say thank you Limerick, we believe in you, we are here for you and we intend to stay and to kick off another year of endless possibility.

I need to start somewhere so am writing to the Limerick Leader, which has covered so many of these events this year, to proffer this idea to the community at large.

If anyone wants to get in touch or involved email me on bottomdogtheatre@gmail.com.

Liam O’Brien

Ennis Road, Limerick