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Independent Solutions – excellence connected


Independent Solutions – excellence connected

Independent Solutions was founded in 2006

INDEPENDENT Solutions was founded in 2006 by Norma Carr and Kayrn Williams.

Norma and Kayrn met as graduates in 1992, and after many years in various consulting roles, the time was right to 'go it alone'.

As seasoned professionals in the sector, we saw the need to close the gap between an industry in need of skills - and professionals with expertise to offer. We achieved this by establishing ourselves as consultants who partner with companies, working from the inside-out.

We get to know our clients’ business, use our own experience and industry standards to complement theirs, and help them achieve their growth goals by sourcing professionals of the highest calibre, people we know and trust to deliver – because they wear our badge and carry our name.

We recognise and know quality in people, as a result we source and link our clients to truly top talent. When a client is introduced to an Independent Solutions team member, they know they are working with the best. Because we’ve used our insight and inside-knowledge to access the exact skills they need.

After years of organic growth we were recognised as approved suppliers to leading key pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

“We knew we had something special. We understand our clients requirements clearly, translating them into successful results, always keeping the patient in mind.

Our professional team shares our passion & vision as well as being exceptional in their field. We hire the best!”

Our Promise

The Independent Solutions – Client – Professional relationship is a network of shared and transferred EXCELLENCE.

It’s about solving client resource constraints from the ground up by giving them the benefit of the right professionals, with the right skills who are supported by people who themselves have worked in the field.

It’s about connecting a chain of excellence to create something new, bigger and better.

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