Limerick TD takes jab at Dairygold over vaccine memo

Donal O'Regan


Donal O'Regan


Limerick TD takes jab at Dairygold over vaccine memo

Dairygold staff expressed their concerns about an internal memo

DAIRYGOLD has revised its vaccine policy after concerns were raised by Minister Niall Collins.

The TD received a number of calls from angry Co-Op Superstores staff in Limerick regarding a memo circulated internally.

The document titled “Dairygold Co-Coperative Society –  Covid-19 Vaccination” sets out the position of the society in relation to vaccinations against Covid-19.

It goes on to say, “The company believes that receiving one of the recommended public health vaccines is the best possible way in which employees can carry out their duty to protect others”.

The part that got staff’ backs up is: “Employees should attempt to secure a vaccine appointment outside of their normal working hours, or as close to the start or the end of the working day as possible.”

Minister Collins confirmed a number of Dairygold staff were in touch with him last week.

“They are disappointed that management are completely disconnected from their workers. When people get their cherished vaccine appointment they should go – no matter what time it is. 

“Dairygold management should know the pressure that the Government and the HSE are under to offer people appointments. We don’t have the luxury of working things around Dairygold management,” said Minister Collins, who praised Dairygold Co-Op Superstores employees and all frontline retail workers.

“They have worked right throughout the pandemic,” added the minister.

The Limerick Leader put Minister Collins’ points to Dairygold.

In reply, a Dairygold spokesperson said: “As a public-facing, essential services business, with a significant number of employees, Co-Op Superstores issued an internal memo highlighting the benefit of the Government’s vaccination programme to the health and welfare of all our employees, customers and all stakeholders.

“The communication highlighted that the company believes that receiving one of the public health recommended vaccines is the best possible way in which employees can protect themselves and others, and that ‘employees are encouraged to receive the vaccine when offered it’.”

The spokesperson continued: “Dairygold has requested all staff seeking Covid vaccination to ensure that they take up their Covid vaccination opportunity as scheduled by the HSE as soon as a vaccination appointment becomes available to them.

“For facilitate business continuity, Dairygold requests that staff notify their business function manager once they have been advised of their scheduled appointment so that it can be accommodated and any necessary cover provided in their area of work.”