Derelict homes and takeaway in Limerick estate razed by council

David Hurley


David Hurley


Derelict homes and takeaway in Limerick estate are razed

Saint Mary's Park

EIGHT derelict homes and a former takeaway premises in St Mary’s Park have been demolished by the local authority in recent weeks.

The demolition works were carried out as part of Operation Copóg – a joint initiative involving Limerick City and County Council and An Garda Siochana.

The task force was established in early March with the aim of assisting member of the community in St Mary’s Park who felt they were being left behind.

There have been a number of high-profile drugs seizures in the area over the past six weeks and additional community garda have been deployed there.

Eight of 12 houses earmarked for demolition have been razed to the ground.

The remaining four are attached to homes currently occupied so their demolition will take some additional time.

While concerns have been raised about other ‘unauthorised’ buildings and structures, a council spokesperson said their removal “is a matter for planning enforcement.

“Despite any structure being erected illegal, there is a legal process which must be followed in order for it to be removed,” he stated.

In addition to the demolition works, the local authority has taken steps to  ensure that steep sweeping takes place in the area on a regular basis.

Members of the local community are also being encourages to support the efforts of gardai and the local authority by playing their part.

“Everyone has a responsibility to dispose of their litter in a proper manner, similar to all residents in Limerick,” said the spokesperson.