Limerick school embarks on exciting new art project

Saoirse Higgins


Saoirse Higgins


Limerick School embarks on exciting new art project

Students Jacob Christianson, Martyna Czaicka, and Ava Ross.

THE Limerick Educate Together Secondary School has gotten dug into a new international collaborative art project.

The project is called Diggin Opera ll and the second years of the Limerick Educate Together School are working in collaboration with a German school called Oken-Gymnasium in Offenberg under the guidance of their teacher Rebecca Tüttelmann.

Norma Lowney is the art teacher leading the second years on the project in the Limerick Educate Together Secondary School on the North Circular Road.

“I feel that our collective focus on this project has been a great distraction from the worries of the world. It has allowed us to tune out and tune into the creative process. It’s an exciting process and with the difficulties posed by the pandemic to live theatre and the arts more broadly, I think experiments of this nature are necessary and perhaps inevitable,” said Ms Lowney. “It is wonderful to see the students so engaged, connected, and enjoying the process.”

The project investigates if digital technologies can awaken young people’s enthusiasm for, and interest in, musical theatre. The project’s main themes are participation, innovation, and digitalisation.

“Our students are designing the virtual reality set and lending their faces and voices to digital avatars and layered audio experiments,” explained Ms Lowney.

“My students have been exploring the world of virtual reality, using their bodies in movement to create free-flowing 3D drawings. They have also been using apps on their iPads to paint and draw onto preconstructed mock-ups of the Festspielhaus which will form the virtual reality set.”

The students are equally excited as their teacher about the initiative. “I think the project is inspiring. It is making me think differently. I’ve been creating monsters with tentacles in VR. It’s really fun!” said second year student, Martyna Czaicka. The show will go live on April 25, to a live but virtual audience.

You can find more information on how to watch the show here