Beloved shrine in Limerick estate gets a new sheen thanks to efforts of locals

Nick Rabbitts


Nick Rabbitts


Beloved shrine in Limerick estate gets a new sheen thanks to efforts of locals

The Shrine at Garryowen

GARRYOWEN’s beloved shrine has received a new lease of life as locals came together to remove the overgrowth.

And it’s led to the creation of a new residents association at one of the city’s largest estates.

Tom O’Brien, who is on the committee, said: “Work to reinvigorate The Shrine was undertaken and attracted a number of local volunteers for whom this project was very important”.

The project, he added, was supported by funding from the community and through linking with other community agencies and Limerick City and County Council.

Residents association chair  John Nugent added: “The upkeep of the shrine nurtures a real sense of place and community in Garryowen. Bringing volunteers together in unusual times to enhance the look and feel of this local landmark has created a positive vibe in our community.”

The project involved coming together to prune, paint and clean the shrine and its surrounds along with restoring the stonework.

Local resident Martin Collins said: “The work carried out has been a source of comfort to the older residents in the area who were happy to share with us the memories they had of The Shrine throughout the years”.

The Garryowen Residents Association has encouraged people to plant a flower or place a candle if they so wish, after all, the shrine belongs to all of us. Remember to remain socially distanced at all times.