Limerick family driven to distraction by lack of broadband

Donal O'Regan


Donal O'Regan


Limerick family driven to distraction by lack of broadband

Student had to move out of the family home as broadband speeds weren’t fast enough

MANY will see themselves in this County Limerick family driven to distraction by lack of broadband speed.

The mother has emailed the Leader and Limerick TDs asking them what they are doing about rolling out fibre broadband to all their constituents? In this instance, fibre broadband is 1km from the family home but has not come down their road.

“I have been told that we are on the schedule but given no time frame. The fibre cable came to the crossroads near us but no further. That was a few years ago now!” she wrote.

The exclamation mark reflects her frustration as their use of the internet has grown exponentially due to Covid. 

“Due to restrictions we have four children at home with us unexpectedly. We have one child in secondary school, online every day. Another is doing a masters from home.

“The third child is in college studying engineering which has big internet demands. They are on co-op but have been told to work from home,” she said. Her fourth child is in first year in college.

“They have had to get accommodation near the campus recently because our internet is not good enough for two, not to mind four of them. This has added more unnecessary expense to our household,” she said.

The mother is a frontline worker;  has to do online training at home and access work emails but “I have trouble getting a good connection to do these basic things”. 

“My assessment is that there are a lot of families on this road who want the fibre broadband so it would be financially beneficial to the company who will be the provider,” she concludes. It is one of many roads lacking the fibre needed for a modern ‘tech diet’.