Parish yearbooks a triumph for Limerick communities in a year like no other

Donal O'Regan


Donal O'Regan


Parish yearbooks in Limerick villages a triumph in year like no other

The Cappamore 2020 Annual is out now

EVEN bringing a parish yearbook out this year is a triumph.

But the good people of Doon and Cappamore haven’t just brought out annuals, the quality is as good as ever in a year like no other.

These books are actually more important than ever in 2020. While they are devoured locally they are sent around the world for those ex-pats to feel a sense of home. And due to the numbers who haven’t been able to travel home they will bring them closer to home.

Pauline Campbell, co-ordinator of Ceapach Mhór 2020, said despite the many challenges of the past few months, the 33rd edition has reached the shelves.

“2020 has been a year of much change for all us which is evidenced in the first section of this yearbook,” said Pauline. It has a distinctly Covid theme with articles of what live was like in County Limerick as well as USA, Switzerland, Canada, Germany, UK and Australia.

Pauline thanked everyone who wrote articles and sent photographs. Ones that jump out are The Fairies in Irish Folklore, The Spanish Flu 1918/1919 and The Nine Survivors – A Story of the 94 Day Record Hunger Strike.

Since the first publication by Cappamore Historical Society, Pauline notes there are five original committee members who have contributed to all past yearbooks – Agnes Coleman, Mary T Ryan, Richard Devane and Ollie Dillon. She thanked everybody who helped put this year’s Ceapach Mhór together.

“I have made lots of virtual friends, I have done my best,” said Pauline. She certainly did.

As has Peggy Sweeney, who has led the editorial committee of Doon’s parish journal – Bléisce – for 29 years. She and the editorial committee have also produced a fine publication that will pass many a pleasant hour by the fireside.

“Some of our writers used the lockdown gainfully and did great research  and produced most interesting material for our journal – all worth including – thank you!” said Peggy, who adds that, “We hope you enjoy the journal and that you find something of interest in it”. That is guaranteed.

One piece that jumps out is The Mercedes Mission by Conor White who decided to go travelling this year of all years and his meeting with Peggy’s son, Fr Johnny Sweeney who is on the missions in Argentina. Ceapach Mhór and Bléisce is out now.