Gentleman Jim’s take on modern rural life in Limerick

Donal O'Regan


Donal O'Regan


Gentleman Jim’s take on modern rural life in Limerick

New book: Jim O’Brien

LIMERICK man, columnist and author, Jim O’Brien, has published a new book entitled, Matters of Great Indifference, reflections on modern rural living.

Casting a quirky eye on life in rural Ireland the book contains a selection of his weekly columns featured in the Farming Independent.

A Kildimo native, Jim’s scribblings are sprinkled with memories of growing up in the County Limerick parish in the 60s and 70s.

“You could say I was a reluctant farmer’s son,” he explains, “in exasperation my parents put me in charge of the shopping and I became the only boy shopper in the village. My range of interests expanded exponentially and I became an expert conversationalist on a range of topics, including; grocery prices, lumbago, varicose veins, corns and bunions.

“As a teenager I was reassigned to the more laborious end of the family enterprise, drawing silage, cutting weeds and sterilising the milking parlour. It did me no harm.”

Jim’s work as property correspondent with the Farming Independent means he gets to travel the country; walking land, meeting locals, chatting with rural auctioneers and tasting the delights at village coffee shops. The job makes him uniquely placed to keep a finger on the pulse of rural Ireland.

Matters of Great Indifference covers a wide range of issues, including broadband, Brexit, politics, place names, men’s issues, nicknames, climate change and Covid.

Jim is also not afraid to delve into the personal and comes into his own when writing about the joys, delights and sorrows experienced at the milestones that mark a life.

Available in O’Mahony’s, O’Connell St and the Crescent Bookshop at the Crescent Shopping Centre, Matters of Great Indifference is also available online at or on Amazon in paperback or as an eBook.