Covid-19 pushes Toots off the tracks from Limerick

Nick Rabbitts


Nick Rabbitts


Covid-19 pushes Toots off the tracks from Limerick

Toots has been a familiar sight in Limerick in recent years

ANOTHER festive feature of Limerick at Christmas will not happen this year, with Toots the train forced off the rails due to the pandemic.

For the last two years, Toots, a road train sourced from Venice, visited the streets of Limerick, serving children by day and revellers by night.

But, its driver Michael Place has confirmed this week, that he will not be back this year.

“I’m devastated, I really am devastated,” he told the Limerick Leader.

He said 2020 has been difficult for all tourism operators, with the level 5 lockdown “very cruel”.

Dubliner Michael said he feels really appreciated when he came to Limerick.

”My Dad used to play League of Ireland football, and when you played in Dublin, you were just a number. When you played in the country, you were a name. I got treated so well in terms of the generosity of people down here, always trying to give me tips,” he said.

It’s hoped Toots will return next Christmas.