Guardian Newspaper pay glowing tribute to Limerick's Paddy Roycroft

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Guardian Newspaper pay tribute to

The Guardian Newspaper have this week paid a glowing tribute to Patrick “Paddy” Roycroft, who has died aged 78. Patrick, born in Limerick to Tom Roycroft, a chef, and Reavy (nee Sullivan) worked on the Guardian switchboard for 32 years.

Tales told of Patrick, by his friend and author of the piece, Simon Hattenstone, tell of how 'Paddy' went from the streets of Limerick to the Hair Salons of London, with a few white lies thrown in. 

Paddy's everlasting wit is best portrayed in Simon's story of how he answered his calls.  "When somebody rang in asking about a job that had been advertised for MI5, Paddy told the caller “That’s classified” before putting the bewildered caller through to classified advertising."

Paddy is survived by Carol and their three daughters, Roisin, Aisling and Ursula

The full obituary piece can be read here:

Published with kind permission of Simon Hattenstone of the Guardian