Plans to build more than 60 new houses in Limerick estate

Nick Rabbitts


Nick Rabbitts


Plans to build more than 60 new houses in Limerick estate

Bru na Grudan, Castletroy

PLANNING permission is to be sought to extend an estate in Castletroy.

Osprey Construction Ltd has announced its intention to apply to Limerick City and County Council for planning permission to build 62 residential units at Brú Na Gruadán.

These will be in a mix of 42 duplex units in five three-storey blocks with two bedroom apartments at the bottom of each floor.

On top of this, 19 two-storey two bedroom terraced houses are planned in four blocks.

And there will be the construction of all associated roads, pavements, car parking and street lighting to finish off the development.

Local Labour councillor Elena Secas has given a cautious welcome to the development.

"Obviously, we are in a housing crisis, and any development should be welcomed. When the planning application is available to view on the council's planning department, I would encourage the local residents especially to have a look at the plans to make sure that they are balanced and at the same time within the larger Groody area," she said.

Osprey Construction has a fortnight to formally lodge its proposals with Limerick City and County Council after advertising its intention to apply in this newspaper last week. Cllr Secas is seeking more information around the social aspects of the plan.

She added: "I looked at the advert in the newspaper and apart from the breakdown in the proposed housing units, there’s not too much information. I'd like to see if there are any community facilities in the plan. I will be able to comment more when I see the plans. But my advice to residents is to have their say because they live in the area and they know what is best for the area."

Last month, council agreed to take in charge Brú Na Gruadán, meaning it is now responsible for maintenance of the estate.