Limerick councillor in plea for respectful behaviour in estates around UL

Donal O'Regan


Donal O'Regan


Limerick councillor in plea for respectful behaviour in estates around UL

Cllr Elena Secas

Labour Party councillor for Limerick City East, Elena Secas is making a strong plea to people for respectful behaviour in residential areas around UL

“Residents in housing estates adjacent to UL have big concerns about quite large groups of people socializing in their area.

“There are lots of elderly and families with children living in these estates and they have made a great effort to-date to follow the restriction rules, and any large groups socializing incidents are simply a slap in the face for the local residents”, Cllr. Secas said.

I commend the UL President, Prof. Kerstin Mey and the local Gardai for taking to the streets and patrolling off-campus housing estates to remind people of their Covid-19 responsibilities and I urge now people to respect the local community, follow the public health guidelines and limit their social contacts to keep themselves and everyone else safe”, Cllr. Secas added.

The councillors comments come after Gardai revealed they made arrests and shut down more than 30 house parties in the Castletroy area earlier this month.

Extra gardai have been assigned to the Castletroy area and additional patrols are being carried out - particularly in residential areas late at night.

There is anacdotal evidence that the number of house parties has dramatically reduced since Level 3 restrictions were introduced.