26 people awaiting Covid-19 swab results at University Hospital Limerick

Aine Fitzgerald


Aine Fitzgerald



SIPTU concerns over UHL staffing

There is one person with Covid-19 receiving treatment at UHL

THERE is one person confirmed to have Covid-19 currently receiving treatment at University Hospital Limerick.

On Tuesday night it emerged that there has been one new confirmed case of Covid-19 reported in Limerick.

The total number of cases in the county and city now stands at 610.

Tuesday’s new case brings to eighteen the number of new cases of the condition that have been reported in Limerick in recent days, with nine alone on Saturday night. While a cluster has been identified, it's not known how many of the cases relate to it.

While there is just one confirmed case of the virus at UHL, there are 26 people suspected of having the virus awaiting test results at the hospital. This is the largest number of suspected cases in a hospital in the country.

There are no patients with Covid-19 in the intensive care unit at the hospital. However, there are three suspected cases of the condition in the unit.