Louise Loves: 'The world at your doorstep'

Louise Cantillon


Louise Cantillon



Louise Loves: 'The world at your doorstep'

Declan and I at Powerscourt Waterfall in Wicklow

IF Covid-19 has taught us anything as a nation, it is how to adapt and overcome! As a country we’ve faced so many challenges already in 2020 and come through with flying colours.

Our latest debacle is forgoing planned holidays abroad. Cancelling your trip to a sunny Costa is upsetting but the great news is holiday mode can be activated right here on our lovely island of Ireland! This summer we are asked to become tourists in our own country – lets accept the challenge and make it a summer to remember!


Ireland has some of the best hotels in the world! Globally recognised for our hospitality there is something for everyone on our small island. Pick a destination and decide between hotels, B&B’s or campsites. Sometimes the best ones are right under your nose.

1. SEE The SEA

With over 900 miles of coastline… take your pick! We are literally surrounded by beaches albeit bikini weather is few and far between. From the rugged shores of The Wild Atlantic way to some of Irelands longest bays in the East you’re sure to find a bask worthy retreat!

2. Get GLAMping!

An experience worth having! Forget sleeping bags and ground mats, pack the prosecco and book into a yurt under the stars for the night!

3. Treat The Taste Buds!

Sure you’d miss the Guinness if you were abroad anyway! From fresh Athlantic seafood to hearty Sheperd’s pie it is very hard to go wrong with a well served Irish meal.

4. Dive In!

Kayaking, snorkelling, surfing or swimming… the options are endless. Book yourself a lesson – rent a wetsuit and enjoy the ocean on your doorstep.

5. Get On Your bike!

See the country on two wheels. Bike rental options are available in almost every city and town in Ireland, check out the countries Greenways @greenway.ie - pick your favourite route and set off!

6. PEAK Of The Week!

There are more mountains and hills in Ireland than days of the year. Take your pick and summit some of the most picturesque trails in the country. List of 25 epic Irish hikes @redbull.com

7. WEST is BEST!

Maybe I am biased but if you haven’t already explored the Wild Athlantic Way … please do! Passing through nine counties and three provinces the route is broken down into five sections. Explore it bit by bit or all in one go!

8. Set Sail!

Non-essential flying is out of the question but we can still take to the sea! Take a ferry to the Arann Islands or cruise along the foot of The Cliffs of Moher, see Skelig Míchael in all it’s glory or spend a day on the Blaskets!


… Of sun cream, of jumpers, of rain gear … all are as essential as the next! The weather is not guaranteed but the craic is! So pack for all eventualities and have the BEST holiday at home!