Limerick gardai concerned about bogus tradesmen during lockdown

David Hurley


David Hurley



Limerick garda concerned about  bogus tradesmen during lockdown

Gardai say homeowners should be vigilant about callers

GARDAI are concerned that some people may be taken advantage of by bogus callers given the number of people who staying home and who are noticing jobs in the garden or house that need to be done.

“Gardai are aware of workmen who call to the homes of people offering services for cash. This could be power washing, window cleaning, painting or gardening. My advice is to never employ a random caller to do a job for you no matter what they offer you or how good a deal it seems,” said crime prevention officer, Sergeant Ber Leetch.

“If you need something done ask a friend or neighbour for a recommendation,” she added.

Gardai say householders should ensure there is somebody with them when the worker calls and that a price should be at the