Man about town: 'Great gift ideas for Father’s Day'

Patrick McLoughney


Patrick McLoughney


Man about town: 'Great gift ideas for Father’s Day'

It's almost Father's Day and luckily retail is reopening just in time to get your dad the gift he deserves. With everything that's happened so far this year, you'll want to make sure dad feels extra loved with a thoughtful gift.

Whether it's something he's been eyeing for a while, but thought it was too frivolous to buy himself, or something he really needs but hasn't had time to shop for, there are plenty of great gift ideas for dad. To help you make the right choice, here are 12 Father's Day gift ideas that won't fail to impress the old man.


Lockdown has made everyone a lot more audio-conscious so chances are your dad could do with a decent set of headphones. There's plenty to choose from depending on his needs, from over the ear noise-cancelling headsets for the music lovers to inconspicuous in-ear buds for the working-from-home zoom callers.

A Streaming Device

If your dad is still clinging on to a DVD collection then it's time to send the box sets to the attic for good and introduce him to the wonderful world of streaming TV. If he's more man-cave then caveman, a streaming stick is a nifty addition to any man's home entertainment set-up. They're wire-free, ugly-box-under-the-tv free and come in 4k high definition.


Throw shade the right way by upgrading your dad's eyewear. Whether he's a style-conscious silver fox or the type of guy that wears cycling glasses to a BBQ, you can't go too far wrong with a pair of classic wayfarers. They're timeless and look good on just about anyone.

An Oxford Shirt

If you want to go down the clothing route then set the Sat Nav to Button Down Boulevard. As well as being age-proof and trend-proof, the classic Oxford shirt scores extra points this year as it manages to toe the now incredibly blurry line of acceptable smart casual workwear.

A Fitness Watch

Your dad probably remembers the days when phones only made phone calls and watches only told the time. Nonetheless, he's sure to appreciate a watch that will tell him his heart rate, how many steps he's walked and anything else he needs to know to keep him in tip-top shape.

A Classic Fragrance

He might be getting on in years but he'll still like to smell fresh. Rather than picking any old aftershave, do your research and find out what his favourite scent is. If all else fails, follow your nose to a classic men's fragrance like Creed Aventus or Dior Savage.


There's no denying it, whiskey is an enduringly popular gift for father's day. Whether it be Bourbon, Scotch, Rye, Irish, Scottish or Japanese, a proper bottle is always a safe bet. If you're unfamiliar with your dad's whiskey preferences, try and sneak a peek at what he's already got stocked in the cupboard. If you're still unsure then think outside the box and gift him a crystalline decanter and tumbler set so he can look like a boss when he's sipping the hard stuff.


There's a reason why slippers are a Father's Day tradition – they're a nod to the fact that dad deserves to take a load off and relax with his feet up. Treat his feet with some sheepskin-lined premium UGG slippers. They're soft, itch-free on the inside and durable so they'll last for years.

A Heated Razor

Finally, your dad can replicate the experience of a hot towel shave from the comfort of his own bathroom. The Gillettelabs Heated Razor uses a heated bar to distribute heat evenly across the skin. It also has four intelligent heat sensors, which allow the razor to maintain a safe and consistent warmth, along with five blades and flex disc technology that allows for a safe but close and baby-smooth shave.

A Smart Speaker

So much more than a gadget to play songs from Spotify, the smart speaker will answer all of dad's questions, do his Googling, turn down the heating, turn off the lights and order food. If that's not enough, it even tells dad jokes. Three words – new best friend.

A Bike Kit

If your dad is one of the many who rediscovered their love of cycling during lockdown then he'll appreciate the gift of a good bike maintenance kit. This will include the basics, such as a puncture repair kit and wrenches, but also tools for repairing chains, spokes and pedals. It's a practical yet thoughtful gift and it'll save him from the queue for the bike shop.

A Grooming Gift Set

Chances are, male grooming has become a much bigger part of your dad's life as he's gotten older. Sneak a peek at his current grooming arsenal and top up his favourite products. This could be a new skincare set if he's running low, a fancy anti-ageing cream he's had his eye on for a while or simply some classic smellies for his wash bag.