Limerick Civic Trust seeks help to move historic salvage

Nick Rabbitts


Nick Rabbitts


Limerick Civic Trust seeks help to move historic salvage

Earlier this year, the Limerick Civic Trust removed this arch from the O'Curry Street gasworks site | PICTURE: LIAM BURKE/PRESS22

THE Limerick Civic Trust has appealed for help after the heritage group took ownership of remnants of historic buildings in the city.

David O’Brien, the chief executive of the Trust, based at the Bishop’s Palace at Church Street, is hoping people might come forward to provide a truck with a hoist, and storage space.

“We have acquired a load of cobblestones, original red brick, some of it’s early Victorian. So it’s in pristine condition. We have a lot of cut-stone, chippy pieces, original guttering. It’s the complete package. e have an awful lot more coming too,” he said.

The salvage has come from a number of prominent city centre buildings which are being redeveloped.

The Limerick Civic Trust will hold the salvage and donate it to buildings needing these materials.

David said: “There’s nothing on the cards at the moment, but it’d be stupid not to take it because as soon as you get another building,you’re going to need materials The closer to the original materials you can go, the better.”

Already this year, the Civic Trust has taken on the rubble from a former Guinness barge, and the archway from the gasworks site in O’Curry Street which continues to be cleaned by Bord Gais.

"It’s important to hold onto this heritage, and we will use it appropriately,” he added, “It could have ended up as landfill otherwise.”

He added: “Limerick has a blue granite which is quite unique to the city. When you do incorporate these things back into an old building you’re putting in original stone, so it’s more authentic. If you go and buy modern granite now, it’s not going to sit well with an 150-year-old building if you’re replacing stones.”

If you can help out the Civic Trust, please email or telephone 061-313399.