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Drive-through helps turn the corner for Limerick hotel

Donal O'Regan


Donal O'Regan



Drive-through helps turn the corner for Limerick hotel

THE LONGCOURT House Hotel isn’t back in top gear yet but they are getting there thanks to a drive through service.

McDonald’s drive-through in Limerick city hasn’t reopened yet but the Newcastle West hotel has been operating one since Wednesday, May 6.

Triona Dore, of the Longcourt House Hotel, said their timing was right.

“I think people were really at the stage where they were fed up of cooking at home. I know myself because I have three kids. I was sick of hearing, ‘What did you make that for?’ or ‘I don’t like carrots’,” laughs Triona.

The feedback they have got from patrons is that many want it as a break from the pots and pans.

“It can feel a bit more normal. ​I have used it myself as a customer and it is working very well. You can ring up or email your order and say what time you want the food for then the lads will ring you back. You pull up to the door, staff are there waiting, you can pay by card or cash and drive away with your food,” said Triona, the sales and marketing manager.

All ages have been pulling up in their cars outside.

“I had a young girl ring me the other day. She is in Cork and her parents are cocooning in the town. She wanted to do a treat for them so she ordered food and asked us to deliver it up. It was within the 2km – it’s 5kms now - so we were able to drop the food up to them.

“Drive through is the main part of it but we’re all around so it is easy for one of us to jump in the car and drop it to a house or a workplace. We’re flexible and will look after people,” said Triona.

And they are not just offering burgers and chips – it is a full menu.

“It is a good solid menu with a good few options. We have specials as well and then we do a different menu on a Sunday. If anybody has dietary requirements we will always cater for them.

“It is going really, really well. We’re delighted. This is our third week now. It’s been really positive, solid numbers all week and then very busy on Sundays,” said Triona.

Even having the lights back on and activity in the Longcourt House Hotel is a positive. “Someone said to me that it feels like there is light at the end of the tunnel. That it feels like this isn’t going to go on forever and we are going to find a way to live in the new normal. It’s a very pared down staff but it is a start.

“Customers’ support right now is very much appreciated by owners, management and staff. We look forward to the day that we can welcome you all for a sit in meal with us but right now we are loving meeting you at our drive through,” said Triona.