Some sweet gestures for Limerick's Clean Ireland staff during Covid crisis

Aine Fitzgerald


Aine Fitzgerald


Some sweet gestures for Limerick's Clean Ireland staff during Covid crisis

CUSTOMER kindness, from bins decorated with  thank-you cards, to homemade cakes and boxes of chocolates left on them, will be one of the great positive take-aways for Clean Ireland Recycling staff from the Covid-19 crisis, the company stated.

Drivers for the Mid-West based company have, in challenging times, had their spirits lifted by the generosity of customers across Limerick.

Expressing  thanks to customers for their kindness over recent weeks, the company said that the gestures have given staff a real lift.

“There’s a real sense that we are turning the corner now, that there is light at the end of the tunnel,  we have become somewhat accustomed to Covid-19 lock-down but the early weeks were very difficult for everyone to adapt, including our staff,” said Michelle Nagle, head of administration and customer service.

“We are deemed an essential service and have been keeping the show on the road in what is a challenging time for everyone, including our staff. But we’ve been so heartened by the public reaction.  Our team typically comes and goes without any fuss each day and are happy to do so but they’ve been stopped in their tracks at so many houses by gestures from customers.”

Ms Nagle said that the staff have appreciated all the gestures but the homemade cards by children have really caught their attention.  “There’s been cakes left out, sweets, brownies and so much more but the homemade cards are brilliant. Children are going to great efforts to make these and it’s never happened before.

“There’s a lot of hardship for people during this time but there’s also an awful lot of good things happening and these gestures are an example of that. People are great and the thought really does count,” she added.

Ms Nagle also confirmed that the gestures had encouraged them to make a donation of 40 litres of sanitiser and 10 boxes of gloves to local nursing homes.  “We had some sanitiser and gloves in stock but were ordering more for our staff due to the pandemic so we bought enough to enable us to donate to local nursing homes and community hospitals.  It was a small gesture but we saw first-hand from our customers how small gestures to us mattered. We just look forward to the day when we are on the other side of this but not forgetting those gestures.” 

The company said that they had to move and adapt quickly when the pandemic hit but they have settled into a manageable pattern.