Castletroy man submits new word for dictionary

Ryan O'Rourke


Ryan O'Rourke


Castletroy man submits new word for dictionary

Ryan O’

A CASTLETROY man has found a new way to pass the time during the lockdown. Having painted the kitchen three times, cut down the hedges and pruned his prize-winning elderflower plants he has turned his attention to creating new words. 

Ger Corrigan is certain that there is no word for the following situation.

Let’s say you are eating an item of food and not concentrating on the item.

Perhaps you are reading the Limerick Leader while eating a sandwich. 

The doorbell rings. You stand up from the table and leave the sandwich down on the hall table. The person at the door engages you in chat. Five minutes later you close the door and you are distracted by something else. 

Then you ask yourself, did I fully eat that sandwich. Then you think you did eat it all? Then you tell yourself you didn’t. Then you think again and go looking around. You find the remainder of the sandwich out by the front door.

You have just experienced a Zarac moment. 

Ger called the word after his granddaughter Zara Costelloe using her first name and initial of her second name. Zara is two and issued her approval before his submission to the Oxford English Dictionary. 

The submission was made over the past weekend and the process will take several weeks before it will be known if Zarac is confirmed as a new word. 

Ger told the Limerick Leader that “It will be a great joy to submit a word and an even bigger delight to have a reference to my brilliant granddaughter in the Oxford English Dictionary.”