Limerick students have the answer to isolation

Ryan O'Rourke


Ryan O'Rourke


Limerick students have the answer to isolation

The virtual pub was one of the UL Computer Society's innovations

A GROUP of tech-savvy students from the University of Limerick have found a way to fight the loneliness and exclusion brought about by the social isolation measures in place to tackle the spread of Covid-19.

Although the campus has shut its doors, the Computer Society have found a way to keep the social side of college alive for students while they are away.

“We have moved entirely online for the next few weeks. The computer societies committee had its first-ever video-conference committee-meeting online to decide how it would continue to provide a place for students to have a way to learn and experience technology online and keep the social aspect of the society there for members,” said a spokesperson for the society .

“We started to host a video-conferencing software on our server cluster Skynet. It has a large meeting capacity and unlimited streaming time unlike some other popular video-conference options. This is now our place to host online meetings and events online.  We have since opened this service up to all the other clubs and societies in UL for them to attempt to host online events too.”

The Computer Society took this one step further when they hosted a virtual pub for St Patrick’s Day.

“For St Patrick's Day we had a virtual pub. This was so our members who were at home in all parts of Ireland could tune in on our video-conferencing software and catch up with all of the other society members. It was a massive success we had a large turnout. People had general conversations in our conference room with other students and just chatted for a few hours like in a real pub.

“We also plan on hosting more online events over the next few weeks to continue to broaden students' exposure to different technologies. It will also help break out the long days at home and stop boredom. Our events will run every Wednesday where we will have the video conference, we will host a tutorial style event with everyone in the one online conference room to encourage questions and so people can also converse.

“Near the end of the meet-up, we will give out a large challenge to all members in attendance to create for next week. We will have a prize for the best creation at the start of next week's event.”