Jail for uninsured Limerick driver who was banned

David Hurley


David Hurley



Jail for uninsured Limerick driver who was banned

Limerick Courthouse, Mulgrave Street

A MOTORIST who was caught driving while disqualified has been sentenced to six months’ imprisonment.

Eugene Nevin, aged 38, who has an address at Collins Avenue, Kincora Park, Southill, pleaded guilty to a number of offences relating to a detection at Clonlong at 11.10pm on January 11, last.

Limerick District Court was told the defendant, who has six previous convictions for driving without insurance, was serving a six-year disqualification on the date he was stopped.

Mr Nevin has a total of 94 previous convictions including for drink-driving and careless driving offences.

Solicitor Sarah Ryan said her client is a “very nice person when sober” but is “like a different person” when he takes drugs.

She said the defendant was aware he was not insured but decided to drive as one of his children needed to be brought to Dublin for a medical appointment.

“He could have been stopped anywhere between Dublin and Limerick,” she said.

Judge Mary Cashin said the repeated offending of the defendant was of grave concern to the court.

“Clearly he not learning from any of this,” commented the judge saying she could not accede to Ms Ryan’s plea not to jail Mr Nevin.

“It would be neglectful if I didn’t  impose a prison sentence,” she said.

In addition to the six month prison sentence, she imposed a five-year disqualfication and a €250 fine for driving without a licence.