Weather this week: Cloudy with a chance of sun - and rain

Rebecca Laffan


Rebecca Laffan


Temperatures down as Kildare faces more clouds and some rain

More clouds this week

A RELATIVELY dry week is in store ahead of a wet weekend, but blue skies will still remain a rare sight as we head into mid-August with cloud cover forecasted for a majority of the week.

Another cool, breezy night is in store this Monday night, with lowest temperatures of 7 to 9 degrees with no forecasted showers.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, August 13, will be a largely dry day with spells of sunshine spotted throughout the day with highest temperatures of 16 to 19 degrees.

Later in the day, cloud cover will thicken from the southwest followed by some rain on southwest coasts.

Heavy rain is forecasted for the early hours of Wednesday morning, with showers due between 1am and 6am before a dry spell lasting for a majority of the morning and early afternoon.

Sunny yet scattered showers will follow through to the early evening, with highs of 19 degrees.

Thursday will be a largely dry day, with heavy cloud cover for the duration of the day and highs of 19 degrees and lows of 12 degrees.

An early evening shower will briefly scatter across the region at around 7pm, followed by heavy showers between 4am and 7am Friday morning.

Friday itself will be cloudy, with patches of rain forecasted and temperatures peaking during the afternoon to 19 degrees.

The weekend is set to be a wet one, with showers forecasted from lunchtime Saturday until dinner time Sunday.