WATCH: What to expect when medieval battle commences in Limerick town this Saturday

Donal O'Regan


Donal O'Regan


Let medieval battle commence in County Limerick town this Saturday

The central action is a competitive full contact medieval combat tournament, according to organiser Trevor McCarthy

THE Battle of Kilmallock is on this Saturday, July 13 but there is no need for local gardai to get riot gear-ready.

It takes place on the recently-opened western wall walk that skirts the perimeter of the medieval town wall from 11am to 5pm. Access via SuperValu car-park. Chief organiser  and local historian Trevor McCarthy said the event is much more than a medieval reenactment.

“The central action is a competitive full contact medieval combat tournament. The warriors participating are here for more than just fun, they are coming to fight and  to win. One commentator described it as ‘MMA with swords’,” said Trevor. 

He said full contact medieval combat is tailored to European reenactment events like those in Eastern Europe.

“These men and women will wear and wield historically accurate steel replicas of weapons and armour. Full contact fighting represents a slight, but significant, expansion upon the boundaries laid out for traditional reenactments. In full contact medieval combat, blows are full-strength, and strikes are allowed to the crown of the head. Face, neck, and side of head are still disallowed out of safety concerns. As would be expected, some form of body protection and a helmet are required for every warrior,” said Trevor.

Kilmallock has hosted many medieval festivals and there have been reenactments to add colour and excitement.

“However, this is the first time a competitive tournament has been held here. It’s a big step up in excitement as locals prepare to welcome participants from all over Ireland to as far away as Poland and Bulgaria. These events are very successful in the UK and Europe,” said Trevor, who hopes to make it into an annual event. Saturday isn’t just all about combat, there will be an archery display, juggling acts and face painting.

“To add even more excitement there will be a kids Viking camp where 7-10 year-olds are recruited and trained by Vikings to be Vikings! It promises to be an explosive, high energy, fun filled day for the family,” said Trevor.