What we think: Am I the only one not watching Love Island?

Eugene Phelan, editor


Eugene Phelan, editor



What we think: Am I the only one not watching Love Island?

AM I the only person in Limerick not watching Love Island ?

It seems I am, but I can't ignore it, no matter what paper I pick up or news site I go on.

In every office, it is, I am told, the main topic of conversation.

In many ways it is fantasy television and so far from the reality of the real world.

Beautiful bodies everywhere, not even the smallest hint of a pot belly, as a group of beautiful young men and women are whisked off to live in a villa in Majorca.

Surely a few people who don't go to the gym, and know that Paris is the capital of France - a question one of the contestants got wrong - would make it more real to life.

And while the producers of the show may be accused of using young vulnerable people who think life is all about looks and money, many of the contestants will make millions after they leave the show.

Give me the dulcet tones of the beautifully wrinkled David Attenborough explaining the love lives of lions and llamas, whales and spiders, any day.