Activist says Mayor of Limerick needs a ‘reality check’ after fountain flow call

Nick Rabbitts


Nick Rabbitts

Mayor of Limerick needs a ‘reality check’ after fountain flow call

Mayor Michael Sheahan | Picture: Liam Burke

LIMERICK city community activist Dean Quinn has hit back at Mayor Michael Sheahan over his call to relocate Brown Thomas in favour of a fountain.

Mr Quinn, who came close to election in the northside, says he thinks the mayor should focus on the “more serious issues” in the city and needs to take “a reality check”.

“Rather than thinking of putting a fountain in the city, it would be more in his line to focus on the state of our homeless crisis, mental health and the state of our own hospital out there,” he said. 

Mr Quinn compared conditions at the emergency department at University Hospital Limerick as “like something out of a third world country.

“I​t is a horrendous state yet our newly elected mayor decides that a fountain would be a perfect fit for our city centre. The mayor really needs a reality check here – it’s an absolute joke our mayor is not looking at the more serious issues that is happening around him everyone else can see,” Mr Quinn added.

“I urge the newly elected mayor to think before he speaks the next time our city is under so much pressure regarding housing mental health and our hospital. That’s the main concerns to plan around, rather than a bloody fountain,” the firebrand Independent candidate added.