Lucky Limerick wins over €1m in scratch cards over four-year period

Rebecca Laffan


Rebecca Laffan


Lucky Limerick wins over €1m in scratch cards

LIMERICK is one of the luckiest counties in the country when it comes to scratch card winnings, the National Lottery has announced.

An analysis by the National Lottery shows that Limerick is the sixth luckiest county, with 20 players claiming top prizes worth over €1.1m in winnings in the past four years. 

Since 2015, there have been a total of 402 winners who have won top tier prizes, totaling to €22.5m, when playing National Lottery scratch card games.

Scratch card players in Dublin came out on top with 102 players winning more than €5.3m in top tier prizes.

Tipperary came in second place with an incredible €1.6m in top prizes shared among 20 winners.

Cork came third with €1.58m won by 39 individual players while Wexford and Kildare round off the top five with total top prize scratch card wins of €1.4 and €1.3m respectively.

A National Lottery spokesperson said scratch cards remain "one of the most popular pastimes for our players".