Limerick Senator’s protection of tips bill passes Seanad

Nick Rabbitts


Nick Rabbitts


Limerick Senator’s protection of tips bill passes Seanad

Senator Paul Gavan has seen a major piece of legislation pass Seanad Eireann


AN opposition bill led by Limerick Senator Paul Gavan made it through the Upper House this Wednesday.

Sinn Fein’s protection of employee tips bill makes it illegal for an employer to withhold, deduct or demand the return of a tip from an employee without a lawful excuse.

It would also require employers to display their tipping policy in a suitable manner so that customers and workers have transparency in the distribution of tips.

Now, Mr Gavan says his party is pushing for the Bill to be enacted into law by autumn.

“This is a significant victory for workers, there’s no doubt about it. Despite significant opposition and lobbying by the Irish Hotels Federation and the Restaurants Association of Ireland against it, the Protection of Employee Tips Bill has now passed all stages,” he said, “This Bill is a great example of the fruits of cooperation when the left works together.”

Mr Gavan added: “Tip theft is widespread, and the public are behind this bill. People across this island believe tips should go to workers, and workers alone.”

But Minister Regina Doherty has already indicated the government will not support the bill.