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Peer to peer lending firm set to facilitate house building in Limerick

Peer to peer lending firm set to facilitate house building in Limerick

Investor Marc Rafferty and CEO David Jelly pictured with construction workers

THE biggest ever Peer to Peer loan in Ireland has just been launched, including a plan to build 16 new homes in the Limerick area.

 Propertybridges.com, Ireland’s Peer to Peer lender to the Property Development Marketplace this week launched its biggest loan so far - €2.4 Million Euro to build 16 new homes in Limerick area.

The exact location will be announced by the developers in the coming days.

PropertyBridges.com and their community of lenders have already helped with finance for new home builds in Dublin, Kilkenny and Waterford and the plan is to lend across the country to over a 100 plus new housing development projects in the next three years with the help of the Irish public.

They will do this with the help of their planned 10,000 strong base of lenders. This is People Power at its best!

The general public have over 100 Billion euros in their deposit and savings accounts earning little or no interest. They can help solve the housing shortage nationwide while at the same time making a good return on their money Lenders can lend into each loan from as little as €500 up to €100,000 or more and will return on average approx. 8%+.

Property Bridges through its lenders - you, the general public- will raise this money for small developers, medium sized construction firms and private individuals and companies looking to develop housing and match them with thousands of lenders from the ordinary citizens of Ireland.

The old system was dominated by banks, middle men, and ultra-wealthy individuals.

It’s an inefficient opaque system, that benefits the intermediaries and one which ordinary investors have no access to.

Propertybridges platform removes middle-men, and for the first time unlocks this attractive asset-class for both small investors and institutional investors alike.

With technology and the direct investment model, borrowers can access funding faster and at lower costs. PropertyBridges.com plan on helping fund several new housing development projects in the Limerick area in the upcoming months. Currently LIVE on the platform is a development about 15 miles from Limerick city.

Property Bridges and it’s community of lenders are looking to fund the building of 16 new homes, which will be mainly 3 bedroom semi-detached houses and will be aimed at the starter home market. The site is located in the middle of the town, with an entrance directly off the main street. They will be concrete built A rated houses with high grade air to water heating systems.

Primary and secondary schools are located in the town, which has all the local amenities you would expect, including shops, Post office and sports clubs. With all the major national retailers located within a 15 minute drive.

The developers of this project are from Limerick and have a excellent knowledge of what is required in the area, having completed a number of developments in Limerick in the last few years. Yes, the people of Limerick can support this loan, get new houses built in their area and at the same time make an attractive return for themselves. As little as €500  or as much as 100K euro can get you involved and the return to the investor is 8.5% APR. Property Bridges will be raising this 2.4 million in four seperate tranches of 665K each.

See Limerick video and development loan details on links below! Watch Video here   Limerick Video https://www.youtube.

com/watch?v=iPGWzKZmCGw View website loan details here  on website, Limerick Details https://www.property