WATCH: CBS previews documentary about murdered Limerick man Jason Corbett

Jess Casey


Jess Casey


WATCH: CBS previews documentary about murdered Limerick man Jason Corbett

Tracey Corbett Lynch, the sister of murdered Limerick man Jason Corbett

A PRIME US network has released a preview of an upcoming documentary focusing on the brutal murder of Limerick man Jason Corbett. 

This weekend, 48 hours, the CBS award winning documentary series, will feature an episode dedicated to the murder of the father of two from Janesboro in 2015. 

In Jason’s Name will feature interviews with Tracey Corbett Lynch, Jason’s older sister, about the lead up and aftermath of his death at the hands of his second wife Molly Martens and her father Tom. 

“The Martens didn’t just murder Jason, they tried to destroy his character,” Ms Corbett Lynch says in the preview. 

Before her trial in 2017, Molly Martens claimed she was afraid of Mr Corbett during a TV interview. 

No such allegations were later entered into evidence by Ms Martens. 

Earlier this week, Ms Corbett Lynch said she took part in the documentary to “every lie and scurrilous allegation” levelled against her brother.

“Thank you to the friends and family members of Jason who not only refuse to allow his name to be tarnished, but stand up and take action,” Ms Corbett Lynch said in a statement on the Jason's Journey Facebook page. 

“After seeing the preview my gut reaction was ‘Thank God, some one for Jason participated’ or else it would just have been another hour of sanctimonious lies and dribble from (the Martens family),” she added. 

“We already witnessed their obscene fabrications on 20/20 but this time the truth will be told and heard. I would have done anything I needed to do to get justice for Jason.” 

Molly and Tom Martens are currently serving 20 to 25 years for the killing of Mr Corbett at his home in North Carolina in 2015.