Limerick southside residents fear homes may be knocked down

Nick Rabbitts


Nick Rabbitts


Limerick southside residents fear homes may be knocked down

Not moving: Yeats Avenue residents Bridget Hayes, Anne Keane, Mary Blake Keane, Eileen Curtin, Helen Keane pictured with local election candidate Noel Hannan

SOUTHSIDE residents have vowed to remain in their houses, amid fears they could be knocked.

Homeowners at Yeats Avenue in John Carew Park, claim they have been told that their homes are in a “demolition zone”, with two units in the area taken down a number of years ago.

This has led to fears they are next for the chop.

“Nobody is moving. There is no-one who is going to be allowed inside these gates,” said local resident Mary T Fitzpatrick gesturing to the entrance.

Her neighbour Eileen Curtin claimed she was told by a council workman that her home could be demolished and has criticised City Hall for not making contact with her directly.

“This came totally out of the blue to us. It was a shock to all of us. There was no consultation. A workman just told us casually two months ago. It was the casual nature of it – to tell the people who have lived here all their lives that their homes are down for demolition,” Mary said.

Eileen, who has lived in the area for 52 years, says she is adamant she will not be leaving.

She pointed out she has raised nine children in Yeats Avenue.

Rita Keane says she shells out €500 a month in heating costs in her own home, due to alleged poor insulation.

She said: “My mother has dementia and sleeps in the sitting room. If she goes, then it’s my place. I’m providing 24 hour care for her.”

Mary says it is “unfortunate” no plan was put in place earlier for Yeats Avenue.“ If they had come in many years ago and made a plan for this avenue, it might have worked out better. We could have had new houses,” she explained.

Limerick City and County Council have been contacted for comment but there has as yet been no reply.