Elderly land owner given a month to remove 1,500 tyres from lands outside Limerick city

David Hurley


David Hurley



Elderly land owner given a month to remove 1,500 tyres from lands outside Limerick city

Thomas Galvin has been prosecuted by Limerick CIty and County Council

AN elderly Limerick man has been given one month to remove 1,500 used tyres which are being stored illegally on lands he owns.

Limerick City and County Council has initiated legal proceedings against Thomas Galvin over his failure to comply with a notice under the Waste Management Act requiring him to remove the tyres and other waste materials from the lands which are located at Ashby Stud, Lisnagry.

Previously, Limerick District Court was told the notice was served on him in March 2018 after an inspection of the lands was carried out by the local authority at that time.

In September, Mr Galvin told the court the tyres related to a business he had which went bust and that he had intended using them to build walls within the lands.

The 66-year-old said he is in receipt of disability allowance and that he could not afford to have the tyres removed given the costs involved.

During a review of the case last Friday, solicitor Tom Kiely confirmed that his client has engaged a licenced waste contractor and is making an effort to comply with the terms of the notice.

However, just 750 tyres have been removed since last September and more than 4,000 remain on the lands.

“It’s a needle in a haystack,” he said.

Mr Kiely said his client is doing all he can and he suggested Irish Cement’s plans to begin burning alternative fuels in Mungret may provide a solution to his client’s predicament.

Solicitor Will Leahy, representing the local authority, said a inspection was carried out last week and that such a small amount of tyres have been removed that you “wouldn’t notice it”.

He said a “very large scale operation” is required and that Mr Galvin needs “to put more urgency into it” otherwise it could be a “three or four year process”.

Mr Kiely said his client accepts the tyres have to go but that he doesn’t have the means to do so.

Having viewed up-to-date photographs of the lands and noting that Mr Galvin owns a detached house on the lands, Judge O’Leary said she wants a further 1,500 tyres removed within a month.

“It’s a pretty horrendous situation,” she commented adding that she was not willing to allow the matter to drag on forever.