Man fined at Limerick court for hobby of having old cars on his property

Norma Prendiville


Norma Prendiville

The man was fined at Newcastle West court

The man was fined at Newcastle West court

A MONAGEA man whose hobby was buying and doing up old cars was fined €500 at Newcastle West court for breach of the Waste Management Act at his home on December 6, 2017.

Edward Phillips, Gardenfield, Monagea, was also ordered to pay €1,722.43 in costs.

Dermot Lambe, from Limerick City and County Council said he inspected Mr Phillips’ property  June 28 2017 and again on August 3, 2017 and followed this up in January of last year.

He found that 19 vehicles had been removed but said: “The problem we have is we can’t account for where they have gone. I explained to Mr Phillips on the third of August we considered the vehicles to be end of life.  He didn’t agree with that.”

In his January inspection, Mr Lambe said he found the rear of a Transit van on site which contained vehicle parts and  which he felt was a waste vehicle.

Mr Phillips’ solicitor Rossa McMahon said his client used it for storage and argued that it hadn’t caused any environmental pollution nor was likely to as it doesn’t leak.

It might fit the definition of “end of life” he said but he was not charged with that.

He was in fact charged with “holding transport in a manner likely to cause environmental pollution”, Mr McMahon pointed out. It was likely that all of the vehicles wouldn’t have given rise to an offence. 

They were old vehicles kept for a hobby, Mr McMahon said.  

Some were sold to others, others removed by Mr Phillips’ son.

“They have not been dumped,” he said.

Recognisance with leave to appeal was set at €250.