‘Losing six stone transformed my life immensely’, says County Limerick woman

Maria Flannery


Maria Flannery

Patsy Nolan, before her weightloss journey

Patsy Nolan, before her weightloss journey and after: She says she is more confident than ever

A NEWCASTLE West woman who lost six stone has said that the experience changed her life.

Patsy Nolan is one of 10 finalists for the title of Unislimmer of the Year, and will attend an event in Dublin on October 3.

After initially joining weight loss club Unislim in April 2015, Patsy said that she aimed to lose two stone by October the following year. But by the next April, ahead of time,  she had reached her target.

She ended up losing a total of six stone. But how did she do it?

“Three healthy meals a day and two healthy snacks. You need to keep your metabolism going and your body working,” said Patsy.

“Before I had my children, I used to look after myself a bit more, but after we got married, we were both working shifts and it was just easier to go for a takeaway or something like that,” she added.

“I have taught myself now to always have peppers, mushrooms and onions and a bag of prawns at home, so if I was stuck in the evenings I could have a prawn stir fry, and it takes me the same length of time as it would to bring in a takeaway. If the family is getting a takeaway pizza, I will have my own Unislim-friendly pizza, if they’re ordering Chinese, I will do my own stir fry at home.”

Like so many people, Patsy explained that she is an emotional eater. A tough few weeks can set her progress back, but it just means getting back on track, and trying again.

The whole experience of working towards a body she is healthy and happy in has been a transformative experience inside and out.

“Anybody that knows me from years ago would know that I would always be in the background. I never put myself out there.

“When I first started off, when I stepped on the scales and I saw my initial weight and my BMI, I actually cried when I went home. My leader was brilliant and she told me to take it one pound at a time, and that’s my advice to anyone, take it at your own pace. As well as the healthy eating, I took up Zumba dancing in Newcastle West, and did my own walking as well,” she said.

“It has transformed my life immensely, it really has. It has given me the confidence and the belief in myself that I can do things, because sometimes we cut ourselves down.

“It’s nice to be comfortable in your own skin, even for something as simple as being able to go to the shops and pick up something off a hanger.”