Parents’ anger after being ticketed outside school in Limerick

Nick Rabbitts


Nick Rabbitts


Parents’ anger after being ticketed outside school in Limerick

Anne-Marie Stacke took a picture of one of the traffic wardens vans parked at Hassett's Cross, near Gaelscoil Sairseal in the Shelbourne Road

THERE is anger on Limerick’s northside after parents collecting their children from school were allegedly given parking tickets.

Limerick council traffic wardens were present on the Shelbourne Road this Thursday afternoon, and it’s been claimed that they placed tickets on a number of cars parked around Gaelscoil Sairseal.

Ballynanty woman Anne-Marie Stacke, who collected her niece from school this Thursday afternoon, said there were angry scenes, with the cost of paying off a parking ticket costing from €40.

“I think they are targetting the school. It’s very low, and that’s being honest. I know there have been issues with people parking on the main roads. But people are pulling into the housing estates, and they are only there a few minutes each day,” she said.

Ms Stacke said she remonstrated with one of the traffic wardens – and will be making a formal complaint in the coming days to Limerick City and County Council. It’s understood a number of other parents will follow suit.”

“It was one of the wettest days of the year. I see elderly people collecting their grandchildren I see who mothers who have children hanging off them coming to collect their children. They need their cars,” she said.

The Ballynanty woman added: “What annoys me most is on Munster matchdays, we have cars parked everywhere, and there is never a traffic warden on site. We often have to call Mayorstone garda station to get cars towed as they have been parked across gates. We put up with it, as it is not every say there is an event on at Thomond Park.”

“Kids have to go to school. Kids need to be collected from school,” Ms Stacke added.

Sinn Fein’s northside councillor John Costelloe said he will also be raising the matter at City Hall.

"It's very mean-spirited and smacks of desperation from the council," he said, calling on them to rescind the tickets issued.

A spokesperson for Limerick City and County Council confirmed the wardens were assigned to the area at the request of local residents, on foot of road safey concerns.

"Footway parking is obstructive and hazardous to pedestrians and often forces them onto the road putting them in harm’s way," they siad, "The assignment of traffic wardens to this location has the support of the school management authority."

"Wardens are regularly assigned to school locations where illegal and dangerous parking practice is recurring. Wardens have been to this area in 2017. All Fixed Charge Notices are open to appeal to Limerick City and County Council or before the District Court," the spokesperson concluded.