WATCH: Limerick man films epic 'hurling pilgrimage' from Dubai for All-Ireland hurling final

Maria Flannery


Maria Flannery


WATCH: Limerick man films epic 'hurling pilgrimage' from Dubai for All-Ireland hurling final

Kildimo brothers: Paul and Jon Carmody at Croke Park for the All-Ireland final last week

A LIMERICK man’s touching video about his journey from Dubai for the All-Ireland final has been viewed nearly 20,000 times.

Paul Carmody, from Kildimo, documented his weekend spent in Dublin and Limerick, celebrating the historic hurling win.

The video, uploaded this Sunday, has struck a nerve with Limerick people, having been shared over 300 times - but it was originally only intended as a way of sharing the experience with family and friends on Facebook.

“It was only when a friend of mine, Nathan, who is living in Vietnam, asked me to make it possible for him to share it with his Irish friends that he worked with, and that’s the only reason at all why it ever went public,” said Paul.

“A few people shared it then and it obviously spread like wildfire. I’m a very proud Limerick man and I’m just so happy that I could make something that made other Limerick people happy, and that’s really the essence of why I did it.”

The proud Limerick supporter said that he has been moved by the “number of beautiful messages” he has received from strangers since uploading it.

“It’s magical to think that something you can create for free can make others so happy. For me that’s what makes me really happy about the whole thing.”

When the final whistle blew in the semi-final, Paul was on holidays in Denmark with his wife, Caroline, who is originally from Denmark.

“I hummed and hawed over what I should do about the final, because I’ve never missed a game like this before. I said I would think about it for 48 hours, and I had a chat with my brother, and he said to me that we might be waiting another 11 or 45 years before we get a chance to do this again. So without a match ticket, I bought my ticket home, hoping that something would come through.”

And something did: Paul’s sister Connie won a raffle for two tickets, and passed them on to two of her brothers - Paul, and Jon, who was home from Philadelphia.

“That’s really all the organisation that went into it. It was blind faith, and I’m glad I did it. My wife is actually six months pregnant, so I have to say, she has been very supportive, and she knew that this meant a lot to me, so she let me go, for want of a better word!

“We just had the absolute time of our lives.”

And it was a proud day for Paul to see a fellow Kildimo lad, Kyle Hayes, named Man of the Match.

“We are over the moon for Kyle Hayes, bursting with pride for the guy, he’s such a brilliant example to that whole generation of hurlers. Absolutely buzzing for the guy, buzzing for the parish, buzzing for the whole county. Even right now, I can’t stop looking at Youtube videos or reading stuff about the match, I think I am still kind of living through it,” he said.

See the video on Paul’s ‘hurling pilgrimage’ below: