‘Bandwagon Billy or Cheeky Charlie?’ The types of hurling ticket chancers in Limerick

‘Bandwagon Billy or Cheeky Charlie?’ The types of hurling ticket chancers in Limerick

THE SEARCH for an All-Ireland Hurling Final ticket for Sunday’s big game is proving to be the most intense search in the history of Limerick. If Croke Park was three times the size it could be filled by our city and county’s sporting supporters.

Such demand for a ticket has not been seen since Torville last skated with Dean or Daniel O' Donnell played the Big Tree in Caherconlish .

Ticket searchers have a number of personality types. They also have a selection of strategies.

Ger Corrigan, who remains ticketless, outlines what you need to watch out for over the coming days.

1. Bandwagon Billy.

Bandwagon Billy doesn't care what the event is. If it's popular he wants to be there and will leave no stone unturned until he gets a ticket.He wan't to tell people he has a ticket. He wouldn't know a hurley from the back end of racehorse but he is going and go he will! Billy used to go to formula one races, Munster rugby (during the glory days) and claims to have been at the Munster V The All Blacks victory. Amazingly he was born a year after that great day in Thomond park!

2. I've been to every Match Ian

Yeah Ian, so has everyone else. Get over yourself Kid.

3. Friend of a Friend Frank

Frank always has a friend of a friend who knows a lad who knows another lad who is well connected to another lad whose father in law carries great influence in Fermanagh Hurling circles. One can not be sure that Fermanagh Hurling circles even exist! Frank is frequently disappointed.

4. Cheeky Charlie

Charlie will ring anyone. He may not have rang you in ten years but he's gonna call you and he will call everyone he knows. Charlie is the type who may end up with ten tickets. He will not ring you again until the next final.

5. Can you get me two stand tickets together Cathal

This lad is deluded. He doesn't want one , he wants two. He doesn't want two that are separate, oh no, he wants two together and he will be in a bit of a strop if you don't get them for him.

6. After all the coaching I've done Alan

Alan puts the cones out for the under six camogie team every saturday morning for half an hour. In his mind he thinks he is Brian Cody. He honestly believes his contribution to the game entitles him to a ticket and a premium ticket at that. To make him go away it's best to say "Alan your record speaks for itself"

7. Con the Chancer

Con will ring Croke Park and tell them that the King of Spain is staying with him for two weeks learning English. Con will ask Croke park to provide him with two tickets because the King would love to go to the match. Croke Park will say " Jaaysus Con in 2007 ‘twas the Sultan of Brunei"