Cutting it fine: Limerick's Shannon shaves her flowing tresses and raises €10k

Donal O'Regan


Donal O'Regan

Shannon O'Gorman gets the chop from Sandra McCarthy and Kevin Staunton at the event in Fitzgerald's Bar, Kilmallock Picture: Dave Gaynor

Shannon O'Gorman gets the chop from Sandra McCarthy and Kevin Staunton at the event in Fitzgerald's Bar, Kilmallock Picture: Dave Gaynor

IN THIS Instagram age when there has never been such pressure on young women to look a certain way a girl from Limerick has her own style.

Shannon O’Gorman, aged 22, from Kilmallock took the brave decision to shave off her long dark brown hair for the Irish Cancer Society.

As word of her plan grew, more and more became involved and supported a Shave-Dye-Wax event. Fitzgerald’s bar in Kilmallock was packed to the rafters on Sunday night.

“When I walked in at 9.15pm I wasn’t expecting anybody coming for the fundraiser to be there but the bar was packed. I was in shock,” said Shannon.

While over 30 got gets legs and chests waxed, hair and beards dyed or beards and heads shaved, Shannon was the only girl to get her head shaved. She went from having extensions that brought her hair down to her belly button to a blade four all over.

Reflecting on her new ‘do’ she said afterwards: “I don’t mind it. I’ve got loads of compliments. I keep thinking I have a pony tail. I don’t feel any colder!”

Shannon is a massive Sinead O’Connor fan and was inspired by the Irish singer.

“I always said it was on my bucket list to shave my head. I always said I would do it when I got married so my husband could never leave me!” she laughed.

And her boyfriend, Jason Heffernan, supported Shannon by dying his hair pink and blue. She chose the Irish Cancer Society as the beneficiary as one of her friend’s relations has cancer.

“I set up an event on Facebook and it started from there. I am trying to raise as much funds as possible in every way I can,” she continued.

The Irish Cancer Society are in for a big surprise as there will be a cheque hopefully close to €10,000 coming their way.

“On Sunday night alone we raised over €3,000. We sold nearly three raffle books completely and people were just putting money in to the buckets.

“There were some who weren’t meant to be getting anything waxed or shaved that volunteered on the night. For example, Paul Earls has been growing his beard for years. One man offered €900 for the Irish Cancer Society to shave it and Paul did.

“I’d say we will be close to about €10,000 when all the money comes in. There were 32 sponsorship cards and every single one of them is full. I know one person who has got €600. Everybody is so generous,” said Shannon, who thanked everyone who helped out and supported the night in Fitzgerald’s.

A GoFundMe page has been set up by Shannon due to requests from people who were away for the Bank Holiday weekend but still want to donate.