Donut wars: Owners ring the changes as competition looms in Limerick

Nick Rabbitts


Nick Rabbitts


Donut wars: Owners ring the changes as competition looms in Limerick

The former Funky Donut cafe, which closed last weekend, being refitted this week | Picture: Michael Cowhey

A NEW espresso bar is to open in the heart of the city – to replace what had been the city’s only dedicated donut outlet.

Keith Hennessy, who founded the Funky Donut in a former newsagent unit at Little Catherine Street, has decided to close the operation down, saying he will be unlikely to be able to compete with donut giant Shack, which is moving into the former Wacky Shoes unit in O’Connell Street.

Speaking to Business Leader about the closure, he said: “It is more a strategic thing than anything else. It was a case of closing before we got closed ourselves. I think [with the opening] there would be too many donut shops. We are not Dublin, we cannot compete with the big guys. Limerick is just too small. It’s a shame. But when one door closes, another opens.”

This new opening will see Keith team up with the operators of the nearby Stormy Teacup for an espresso bar.

“There is no point in leaving a space like this vacant. It’s one of the best places in Limerick in terms of footfall, so there is no point in leaving it in hiding,” he added.

Adam Reeves, who manages the Stormy Teacup agreed, adding: “It’s a prime location in the city, so we need to use it.”

The espresso bar, he added, will serve the Stormy Teacup’s flagship hot chocolates and coffees, as well as offering a full espresso menu, and tea.

“It will have the same cool, chilled out feel that ‘Stormy’ has, which has been growing over the last few years,” Adam added.

The unit is currently being fitted out in readiness for the change of use.