Croatian expats in Limerick look to give French a good Balkan in World Cup final

Fintan Walsh


Fintan Walsh


Croat expats in Limerick look to give French a good Balkan in World Cup final

Cheering on Croatia are Maja Soda, Stanislava Poj and Sanela Kovacevic PICTURE: ALAN PLACE

MORE THAN 30 University Hospital Limerick staff from Croatia and France will be cheering for their national football team to take home the World Cup trophy this Sunday. 

Either way, there will definitely be injury time in the emergency department with one side leaving the competition with broken hearts. 

At 4pm, Croatia will meet France in an historic World Cup final. It will be the first time Croatia has ever vied for the coveted golden trophy in the final, while it will be 12 years since France was beaten by the Italians in the final. France won the trophy once and that was in 1998. 

Croatian staff nurse Mateo Vlahovic is hoping he can say his country is a World Cup winner to start his working week. 

“I have been here since the opening of the new emergency department and I am delighted to be living and working in Limerick. I am very much looking forward to the game on Sunday.”

UL Hospitals Group CEO, Prof Colette Cowan said it is fantastic to see that they have such a diverse workforce. 

“We are extremely proud to have employees working with us from all over the world and bringing their broad range of skills and talents to bear on the service. On occasions such as the World Cup, a global event, we get to celebrate and join in the excitement of the final with them. We wish both the French and Croatian teams the very best of luck and hope that our colleagues from both nations enjoy the match.”