Limerick gardai praise 'nosey neighbour' who helps to foil break-in

Sgt Ber Leetch says people should secure their homes

Sgt Ber Leetch says people should secure their homes

GARDAI in Limerick have heaped praised on "a nosey neighbour" who helped to foil a break-in.

Crime prevention officer Sgt Ber Leetch has sung the praises of observant neighbours this week, after a call was put into gardai about people breaking into a house on Alphonsus Street.

Three people were arrested in the house and subsequently charged, they are currently before the courts.

“This shows that neighbours are watching out for each other, the best thing that you could have is a nosey neighbour and better still be a nosey neighbour and keep an eye out in your community for anything unusual and report it to Gardai,” said Sgt Leetch.

Gardai are in the middle of their summertime safety campaign and are reminding people to keep their windows and doors closed and locked with alarms on when they are not at home.

In another incident, a house was broken into in the Castleconnell area through an unlocked patio door.

"All of your doors should be checked before you leave the house and don’t ever assume that somebody else has locked them," said Sgt Leetch.