Vibrant #ThisIsLimerick brochure showcasing strengths in bid to win investment

Anthony Geoghegan


Anthony Geoghegan

Laura Ryan and Dr Grainne Greehy at the launch Picture: Sean Curtin

Laura Ryan and Dr Grainne Greehy at the launch Picture: Sean Curtin

LIMERICK’S economic, cultural and educational strengths were showcased in the new #ThisIsLimerick brochure this week.

The 16-page vibrant booklet will hope to attract investors into the county by exhibiting impressive statistics and opinions from business owners stationed in Limerick.

According to the booklet, unemployment rates in Limerick decreased dramatically by 12% since 2010 and 12,000 new jobs have been created in the last five years.

David Jeffreys, CEO of Action Point remarked, “With a thriving business community and a supportive local authority, doing business in Limerick has never been easier.”

Education was also highlighted as a significant strength for the city; the booklet reveals that 6,000 students graduate from Limerick each year and Laurel Hill Coláiste is ranked the number one secondary school in the country.

Catherine Duffy, general manager of Northern Trust, believes Limerick graduates are of “ superb calibre” and added a pool of graduates, people with experience are coming to the company’s door.

Future and ongoing initiatives such as Troy Studios, Limerick 2030, the Smart City project were also advertised for a profitable future.

The brochure isn’t only advertised for members of the business sector but for readers considering living in Limerick as well.

Out of nearly 300 cities in the world, Limerick tied for fourth for the most affordable place to live in the world with residential rental costs being 44% lower than Dublin.

The brochure is available in a hard copy or for download online at and