Limerick council to demonstrate city centre living on mews lanes

Nick Rabbitts


Nick Rabbitts

Newly elected metropolitan mayor Daniel Butler said it was 'hugely exciting to see'

Newly elected metropolitan mayor Daniel Butler said it was 'hugely exciting to see'

LIMERICK City and County Council is to open parts of the Mews Lanes to apartment living, in the hope private developers follow suit.

The local authority’s urban and village renewal department is building a ‘demonstration block’ in two parts of the lanes running parallel on both sides to O’Connell Street.

Here, in buildings it owns, it will develop apartments and public realm facilities which could lead to the transformation of the Mews Lanes.

It’s hoped eventually over 100 new living spaces could arrive, albeit a majority privately.

Newly elected metropolitan mayor Daniel Butler said: “It’s hugely exciting to see. These are all traditional laneways. The council has stock along these lanes where they have residential in play The idea is to reinvigorate them.”

He said once this happens, it’s hoped private developers will see the potential and do the same. “What’s important in this is the council is appealing to business owners along these laneways to engage with them,” he said, pointing out staff are hosting weekly clinics on the matter.

”Providing alternative access to Georgian Limerick will hopefully make it easier for the owners of to bring them back to life. There’s also scope for public amenity spaces within these laneways. It’s about looking at the character of Limerick, looking at the laneways and getting them back to life in unique situations. It’s hugely exciting and very complementary to the plans for O’Connell Street.”

“The council needs to be showing what can be achieved. More demonstration models of high quality would ignite inspiration,” he told the Limerick Leader.

A spokesperson for the local authority said: “The urban and village renewal of Limerick City and County Council is exploring opportunities under current funding initiatives to enable the regeneration of Limerick city’s laneways as part of the Georgian Innovation District Strategy.” It’s hoped the project will be formally launched in the coming weeks.

Full interview with Cllr Butler: page 12