No act of kindness is wasted in Limerick's Our Lady Queen of Peace

Anthony Geoghegan


Anthony Geoghegan

4th class pupils at Our Lady Queen of Peace in Janesboro enjoying the summer sunshine Picture: Adrian Butler

4th class pupils at Our Lady Queen of Peace in Janesboro enjoying the summer sunshine Picture: Adrian Butler

IT WAS a momentous occasion for Our Lady Queen of Peace in Limerick with the raising of their well-earned green flag.

Limerick hurling star, Shane Dowling was present for the celebration of the Janesboro school’s achievement.

Waving next to the prominent banner was another green flag and on it read: “Pay It Forward Limerick”. The flag has been on the radar of the national school’s Kindness Committee over the past term.

“The Kindness Committee is a group of eight people who have been picked for the committee, so they can try to become more kind and make people's days better,” student Tristan explained.

Tristan and seven other fourth class pupils were selected to organise and participate in acts of kindness throughout the year to not only vie for the flag but to lift up the spirits of others.

The distributor of these flags is the non-profit Pay it Forward Limerick community who promote acts of kindness both in and outside schools.

Sophie, another member of the committee, believes that she and her classmates were given a difficult task in making their school kinder than it already was.

“The school is a really nice school, and all the staff try so hard to help all the children, and it’s such a really nice school in general,” she said. 

The committee decided, to give back to their dedicated staff.

“In Easter, we brought in the lollipop ladies and made them some buns, and we also had a party in the staff room, to thank them so that they can feel more appreciated,” Tristan elaborated.

Sophie, also detailed how she and her classmates braved the winter chill to spread more kindness.

“We went Christmas carolling outside the Crescent Shopping Centre and raised €1,200 for charity, and to raise money to paint Our Lady Queens of Peace church.”

The young pupils were eventually rewarded for their efforts at the presentation of the flags at King John’s Castle last month.

Tristan, who will be going into fifth class in September is still revelling in the recognition.

“It felt really great because the year went very fast and we worked so hard this year, and I can't believe we have it now after all the work we did this year, it amazed me,” Tristan recalled.

With the mental health of both children and adults requiring serious attention today, acts of kindness like these no matter how big or small are much appreciated.