University of Limerick to ban smoking and vaping across all campuses

Jess Casey


Jess Casey


University of Limerick to issue total ban on smoking and vaping across all campuses

The University of Limerick is to issue a ban on all types of smoking and vaping across all campuses

SMOKING and vaping anywhere on the University of Limerick campus will be banned from Friday June 1, the University has announced today. 

This ban applies to all University campuses and includes the use of all electronic cigarettes, electronic cigars and electronic pipes, whether they deliver a nicotine dose or not. 

As well as the main UL campus, smoking and vaping will also be banned at the Stables, at off-campus student accommodation owned by the university, at Park Point, at FABLab/ Health Hub in Limerick city, at the UL Activity Centre and at the CERC building at the UL Hospital Group. 

“This policy applies to all staff, students, contractors, visitors, and any other persons who enter university grounds and facilities for any purpose,” UL’s new Smoke and Vape Free Campus Policy states. 

Several smoke-free areas were designated on the UL campus in 2017 as the university began working towards becoming a smoke-free zone. 

Ashtrays are expected to be removed from bins and permanent signage advising students and visitors of the new policy is expected to be installed shortly. 

Staff and students who wish to quit smoking and vaping will also be able to avail of help to quit through the Student Health Centre and through HSE smoking cessation programmes. 

“All staff and students are required to contribute to the enforcement of this policy, by reminding anyone they see in breach of the policy to desist and to comply with University policy.” 

The Smoke and Vape Free Campus is said to be an important initiative to current president Des Fitzgerald, who is a cardiac surgeon and a former smoker.