Evidence showed Martens killed Limerick man Jason Corbett in act of ‘pure evil’

Molly Martens and her father Thomas, who are both currently serving life sentences of 20 to 25 years after they were found guilty of the murder of Jason Corbett

Molly Martens and her father Thomas, who are both currently serving life sentences of 20 to 25 years after they were found guilty of the murder of Jason Corbett

ALL evidence suggests that Molly Martens plotted to kill Limerick man Jason Corbett, in an act of “pure evil” according to his sister, who has written a new book about the high-profile murder.

Ms Martens and her father Thomas, a retired FBI agent, are both currently serving life sentences of 20 to 25 years after they were found guilty of the murder of Mr Corbett at the luxury home he shared with Martens in Wallburg, North Carolina in 2015. 

“I believe what she did is pure evil,” Ms Corbett Lynch told the Limerick Leader. 

“I believe that she planned to kill Jason. I believe all the evidence points towards that.” 

Mr Corbett had a bag, containing clothes for his children, packed and was preparing to return to Ireland before he was murdered, Ms Corbett Lynch has revealed. 

This bag along with a computer he researched flights to Shannon on, mysteriously disappeared from the murder scene on the night he was killed. 

Molly Martens also spent €5,500 on a ‘forensic clean’ of the house in which Jason was murdered in within 24 hours of his death, My Brother Jason has also revealed. 

His murder trial was told he was hit with a 17-ounce, aluminium baseball bat and a paving brick at least 10 times the morning he died.

Traces of a strong sedative prescribed to Ms Martens were found in Mr Corbett’s system on the night he died, his murder trial was told. 

Following the death of Mr Corbett, it emerged that Ms Martens was inflicting herself with bruises by hitting herself with a hairbrush. 

She would then claim to friends in the neighbourhood that Mr Corbett had hit her. 

It also emerged that Ms Martens would hide Mr Corbett’s keys as part of an elaborate mind-game.

Ms Martens secretly told Mr Corbett’s children that he had ‘suffocated’ their mother, it later emerged. It has also emerged she hid recording devices in the home they shared. 

The severe gaslighting techniques she used on Mr Corbett was 'evil', Ms Corbett Lynch believes.

“Not only moving his keys but hitting herself with a brush to create bruises and spreading rumours within his community which were complete fabrications. There was absolutely zero evidence of anything.” 

Molly’s book club choices feature female murderers

Book Club selections suggested by Molly Martens reveal she was obsessed with female murderers. My Brother Jason reveals that two months prior to Mr Corbett’s murder, Ms Martens recommended ‘The Hand that Rocks the Cradle’ and ‘Gone Girl’ to her book club.

Tracey Corbett Lynch has also revealed that Ms Martens previously gave her a book called ‘A Reliable Wife’ which tells the story of a woman who plots to kill her husband who she has met by responding to a newspaper advert.

The woman is described in the book’s synopsis as “complex and devious, haunted by a terrible past and motivated by greed.”

“Her plan is simple – she will win this man’s devotion and then, ever so slowly, she will poison him and leave Wisconsin a wealthy widow.”

“I found it strange at the time,” Ms Corbett Lynch said.“But, years later, I couldn’t help but wonder whether it was a deliberate hint to us of things to come.”

My Brother Jason also reveals details of a “bizarre” 11-page, handwritten essay written by Ms Martens and discovered by Ms Corbett Lynch. The essay, inspired by Dante, focuses on Ms Marten’s own version of personal hell. “In one image, Molly writes about trying to help two abandoned and abused children through social services.”

Killer Tom Martens drove Jason’s car to court cases

Tom Martens, the father of Molly Martens, drove Jason Corbett’s car to his court hearings following the murder of the father of two from Limerick.

Following Mr Corbett’s death in 2015, his Honda Accord disappeared and could not be located by Ms Corbett Lynch.

Jason’s first wife’s jewellery, including her engagement ring and rings given to her on the birth of both Jack and Sarah, also disappeared from his home.

Mr Martens then began to drive the car to court hearings to play ‘mind-games’ with the late Mr Corbett’s family.

“He would park the car, deliberately look over towards us if we were in the car park and smile. It dawned on me that this was all about playing mind games and trying to upset us,” Ms Corbett Lynch wrote.

Tom Martens worked for the FBI for 30 years. “He was a qualified attorney, working in counter intelligence. He had the highest level of security clearance so you can imagine,” Ms Corbett Lynch said.

“We were just terrified.”

My Brother Jason also reveals that Mr Corbett gave Mr Martens $49,000 towards the cost of his wedding to Molly in 2011. Mr Martens then went on to pretend to have paid for the event in full himself, according to Ms Corbett Lynch.

Molly stormed off from wedding over McDonalds

My Brother Jason reveals that Molly Martens threw a tantrum at her wedding to Jason Corbett because someone purchased a Happy Meal for Tracey Corbett Lynch’s young son, who could not eat the meal provided due to an allergy.

Jason Corbett and Molly Martens married in Tennessee in 2011. At the wedding reception, a bridesmaid discovered that Adam had not eaten and purchased him McDonald’s from a nearby drive-thru as the kitchen was closed for the evening.

“I hadn’t any idea of it actually,” Ms Corbett Lynch said. “I had come out from the garden to Molly screaming at Dave (my husband) that he ruined her wedding. She had just lost the plot completely, screaming at Dave.”

Ms Martens then stormed off, she added. “It was like Scarlett O’Hara, she was up the steps and back into the house. We were mortified to think that anything we were involved in would have that type of reaction. It was just unbelievable, we couldn’t believe it.”

“During the wedding rehearsal, the dramatics were there. She fainted on the only little piece of soft grass that could be found.

“Her two brothers rolled their eyes and walked away. But this was completely, as far as we were concerned, out of character to what she was like in Ireland. It was just such a polar change.”

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