Community service for burglar who broke into Limerick pub

David Hurley


David Hurley


Community service for burglar who broke into Limerick pub

The Courthouse, Mulgrave Street

A JUDGE says he wants to see a serial offender “doing something positive in the community” rather than going to prison.

Michael Desmond, aged 36, who has an address at St Munchin’s Street, St Mary’s Park has admitted breaking into two commercial premises in the city centre during the early hours of November 1, 2016.

Detective Garda Barry O’Grady told Limerick Circuit Court a cash float was taken from one premises while nothing was taken from the second - a pub.

He said the defendant was identified as a suspect after his movements were “tracked on CCTV” at a number of locations in the city centre.

Judge Tom O’Donnell was told when arrested a number of days later, Mr Desmond made “full and frank” admissions.

Brian McInerney BL, said his client, who has more than 40 previous convictions for burglary, has a “background of addiction”.

He said Mr Desmond, who has “no trappings of wealth” only ever targets commercial premises which are closed.

“He doesn’t do house break-ins, he doesn’t engage with people. he goes for empty premises,” he said.

Mr McInerney submitted his client operates at a low level and generally steals small amounts of money which is “converted very quickly into narcotics”.

He said the defendant’s admissions and guilty plea were helpful as a jury would have been asked to “join various dots” had the matter gone to trial.

Adjourning the matter to July, Judge O’Donnell commented that he had not seen the defendant “in such good shape for some time” and he noted that he has not come to the attention of gardai for over a year.

While noting that burglarly offences are “very high on the agenda” at present, he indicated he is considering a penalty of 240 hours of community service in lieu of a prison sentence.

“I woud like to see him so something positive in the community,” he said.