Almost 2,000 people find path to work in Limerick through Turas Nua programme

Nick Rabbitts


Nick Rabbitts

‘I’m delighted to see the JobPath scheme is working’: Senator Maria Byrne

‘I’m delighted to see the JobPath scheme is working’: Senator Maria Byrne

MORE than 1,900 people across Limerick have been placed in work through the JobPath programme, an Oireachtas committee has heard.

Figures announced to the joint Oireachtas committee on employment affairs and social protection reveal that Turas Nua, a joint venture between Ireland’s national recruitment agency FRS Recruitment and employability and skills provider Working Links, created the positions.

As well as the number of people placed in employment, Turas Nua has also delivered over 10,000 training courses in Limerick, aimed at helping people to upskill and ensure they are better prepared for the jobs market.  

The most popular job starts delivered under the scheme in the region come in the hospitality sector, followed by construction and retail.

Turas Nua maintains two offices in Limerick, located in Limerick City and Newcastle West, which employ 30 people between them.

Colm Donnery, Turas Nua director said: “Since Turas Nua began operations in 2015, our entire focus has been about helping people. Helping people find work. Helping people prepare for the difficulties presented by the jobs market.  

"Helping people to increase their knowledge and to improve their skills and helping people to find jobs they can sustain, giving them and their families greater financial security and stability.

“Our service focuses around the needs of each person we work with.  They are at the centre of everything we do.  Every person is different and every person requires a service built around their own needs. That is what our team provides to everyone who comes into one of our offices via the JobPath programme,” he added.

He paid tribute to the staff working for Turas Nua across Ireland for making this possible.

JobPath is an approach to employment activation which caters mainly for people who are long-term unemployed (over 12 months) to assist them to secure and sustain full-time paid employment or self-employment.

Senator Maria Byrne welcomed the figures, saying: “The key objective of JobPath is to help people find and sustain paid employment - and I am delighted to see this is happening with Turas Nua confirming over 1,900 Limerick people have been placed in jobs through JobPath.

"The JobPath service is one of a number of employment activation services provided for people who are long-term unemployed to help them secure and sustain full-time paid employment.”