Man confronted in child predator sting in Limerick leaves place of residence

Jess Casey


Jess Casey


A garda investigation into the allegations is ongoing

A garda investigation into the allegations is ongoing

A MAN who was confronted at his place of residence in Limerick city as part of an online sting operation into alleged child grooming has vacated the property, the Limerick Leader has learned. 

The Child Protection Awareness group, a group of civilians who set out to catch ‘child predators’, called to the man's place of residence on Easter Sunday after he allegedly sent sexually explicit material to decoy teenage girls, aged 13 and 14

The video has since been viewed 191,000 times and shared across the social network more than 2,500 times. 

In the video, the man appeared to be living in close proximity to schools. 

The Child Protection Awareness group told the Limerick Leader it has been monitoring the man in question since November 2017.

The group said it handed over four files collected on the man in question, including photographs and WhatsApp messages, to the gardai.

A garda investigation is ongoing. 

Neighbours of the man who appeared in the video previously told the Limerick Leader they feared their residence would be petrol bombed in an act of retaliation

One resident who did not wish to be named told the Limerick Leader that residents were advised that there was a very high level of potential danger in the area and gardai were treating threats made on social media seriously. 

A public Facebook event was circulated in the days following Easter Sunday for a protest to take place outside the man’s place of residence. 

The event was subsequently called off. 

It is understood the man who appeared in the CPA video is no longer living in the building, having left his residence in the days after Easter Sunday. 

 One resident who did not wish to be named, confirmed that the man has since vacated the property.

“Things have calmed down. We’re very relieved and things are getting back to normality,” the resident said.